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Donate Today to the Inland Ocean Coalition

We engage inland communities in ocean conservation, because you don't have to see the ocean to protect it.

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There are countless threats facing our waters and ocean, and we need your help to turn the tide. The challenge is that many people simply don't know how to help or lack a clear connection to the easy ways to get involved. We foster this connection through our network of inland ocean chapters around the country by focusing on three key program areas:

  • Ocean protection is at the heart of what we do. Due to recent political changes, our oceans are now at risk from offshore oil drilling, weakening of healthy fisheries legislation that has worked to rebuild and maintain sustainable fish stocks for decades, and attacks on our national marine monuments, sanctuaries, and other protected areas. We are teaming up with groups like Oceana, Ocean Conservancy, Blue Frontier Campaign, Mission Blue, and the Healthy Oceans Coalition to protect our ocean.
  • Watershed health is a critical component of land-to-sea stewardship, and to protect our ocean we must also protect our waterways. We promote watershed health through creek cleanups, supporting bans on toxic sunscreens in the US and internationally, and advocating for healthy personal care products and eco-friendly lawn care.
  • Plastic pollution is a growing crisis on par with climate change. We combat plastic pollution through campaigns targeting single-use plastics, movements that get to the root cause of plastic pollution, and scientific studies that assess the extent of microplastics in our waterways. We push for individual and collective change and are fighting back against the petrochemical industry, which has invested $180 billion to build or expand 325 plastic refineries, which will help fuel a 40% increase in plastic production in the next decade.

Give today and make a difference for the future of our ocean!